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The Ti-Rush 2.0 is perhaps the most exquisite bicycle being manufactured in the world today. We build our titanium frames using the purest, thin-walled tubing in the industry. While the geometry is nearly identical to that of the Gold Rush, the material is what makes this Easy Racer so special. In addition to being extremely strong, titanium will absorb and disperse most of the minuscule vibrations in whatever road surfaces you travel. While sometimes barely noticeable, inadequacies in lesser frame materials can potentially lead to discomfort and decreased performance over time. The Ti-Rush is able to recycle and amplify the energy it absorbs to create an over-all smoother and more efficient ride. Controlled tests show a 5% increase in performance over the aluminum framed Gold Rush.

This is our choice offering for the true connoisseur. A human powered vehicle for those with a most refined palate. Experience pure exuberance aboard a Ti-Rush today!

Easy Racers Ti-Rush 2.0

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